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Werq the World Tour: my personal experience

I love art in all its forms and during these days Milan is a true open-air museum.
This year the city has outdone itself presenting so many different exhibitions, shows and openings for the Design Week.
In addition to that, Milan has also hosted the most incredible tour featuring some of the best Drag Queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race – the Werq The World Tour – at Teatro Nazionale.
As you already know I’m proud to write a column on Beyond the Magazine so I can share with you new interesting ideas, projects and suggestions.
I love going against the grain making my readers aware of everything that could be an inspiration to them, going Beyond clichés (does the plural of this world really exist? I have no idea. I’d better say going Beyond stereotypes).

For the new issue of the Magazine I decided to interview one of my favourite Queens: Violet Chachki.
A special thanks goes to the people who organized the tour – Locamente Parties & Fun and Voss Events – for making it possibile.

The show has been really amazing. I loved it so much that I actually attended it two times (and I’m still craving for more).
I uploaded the interview above for all the lazy that thought browsing the online version of the Magazine was too tiring and were waiting for it to be on my blog.
You will probably have to zoom it a little but I’m sure you can make it!!!werq_the_world
If you want to read the full article you still have to click HERE.

Moreover, if you have a chance to see the show somewhere in Europe or somewhere else please do it!!!!
-And for all the ppl who think it’s too expensive: have you ever been to the theatre in your whole life? Because it’s not. At all.

Violet Chacki e Nicole Macchi in MiDì Jewels| Werq the World Tour