Beyond the Magazine

Michael Walrond - Beyond the Magazine



In this exhibition, Walrond presents some of his best film photography work through Artgence’s premiere virtual gallery experience.
All of the 35 photographs are made using 35mm film with no digital manipulation and can be seen in a virtual 3D space that replicates the experience of a physical exhibition.

As an artist, Walrond thrives in the surreal. His photos are never quite what they seem to be.

Striking images of women are juxtaposed with flora or strokes of colored lights. In another, the figure is partially submerged underwater, creating a rippling effect that otherworldly mottled the skin.
A few others were physically manipulated, either through rough pen scrawls or the mutilation of the negative itself.

Looking at Walrond’s photographs is like looking through a dream-like haze into another universe only colored with bright colors or muted tones, never in between.
It is impossible to focus on anything, yet you are intimately aware of everything.

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Michael Walrond - Beyond the Magazine