A Tale Of Convergence


A photography maven’s ultimate camera brand of choice, Leica is joining forces with two talented lens wizards Lee Yik Keat and Geoff Ang to roll out a stunning exhibition for avid shutterbugs.

The multi-sensory, augmented reality treat celebrates the distinctive works of the two photographers who are known to push boundaries in order to produce visual stunners that stay true to their unique, individual styles.

For the first time, Leica Galerie Singapore has rolled out an innovative and bold exhibition that showcases work of two photographers from completely different backgrounds. Leica Galerie Singapore is a platform for internationally acclaimed artists as well as for established and emerging local photographers to present the world as it unfolds for their Leica lenses. Aptly titled: A Tale of Convergence, the entire narrative celebrates two individuals truly crossing artistic boundaries to elevate their individual approach to their passion – the art of photography.

Leica Galerie Singapore orchestrated the two photographers’ partnership and were inspired by the evolution of photography. In their pursuit to explore how two generations – a Millennial, more adapt to touch technology and a Generation X growing up in the 80s with access to more classic and traditional tools can combine their work – has resulted in a convergence of their ideas, their vision and their technical skills. For this exhibition both Yik Keat and Geoff were handed the sleek and versatile Leica SL-System, one of the brand’s premium systems featuring cutting-edge technical features for enhanced camera handling.

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