Fashion: Sustainable Summer


Fabric composition, locally sourced manufacturers, and even compostable mailers are pieces of the puzzle, but SKATIE was founded on the idea that sustainability encompasses more than just an environmental responsibility.

The production partners are committed to paying at or above minimum wage, keeping standard hours that value a work-life balance, and providing paid vacation time for their workers.

Because sustainability is nothing if it’s not ethical.


When possible, the fabrics used in SKATIE bikinis and activewear are created from recycled materials that help to keep plastics out of landfills and oceans.

The remaining fabrics are sourced locally from already-existing stock available in the Los Angeles marketplace, as to not contribute to pollution created with additional textile manufacturing.

All  the bikinis and activewear are cut, sewn, and packaged right here in Los Angeles.

Staying local gives to Skatie the ability to ensure our production team is being treated and compensated fairly.

Additionally, manufacturing our product in the United States cuts down on carbon emissions that are unavoidable when producing and shipping overseas.


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