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The iridescent Marble Caves can be found near the border of Argentina and Chile, on General Carrera Lake in Patagonia. It is the fifth largest lake in South America. These amazing natural wonders, are a unique geological formation, featuring a number of caverns, tunnels and pillars, in monoliths of marble.

It is identified as the largest lake in the country.

Some travel enthusiasts  consider these cave formations, to be among the most beautiful in the world. The iridescent color variation from deep blue to turquoise, largely depends on the weather and time of year.

Since the amount of light and the water level of the lake are constantly changing, each experience in visiting the Marble Caves by boat, will be slightly different.

In early spring for example, the water of the lake is at its lowest point, due to the fact that the surrounding glaciers, have not yet started to melt.

The cave formations have been declared by Chile to be Nature’s Sanctuary, which is one of the protected categories available, through their  National Monuments designation.

Marble Chapel is located in one of the three islets and it stands alone like a sentinel. For many  visitors it will be the first stop on their journey. Marble Cathedral and additional caverns will soon follow.

Tourists will be taken by boat, through both narrow and wide corridors of water. These will be iridescent shades of blue and turquoise. They will be treated to different themes of texture and color, including the gray, pink and white reflected from the cavern walls, as long as there is daylight.