Efesto Jewels

Efesto Jewels Steeped in charm and legend, the world of the Goddess Hera seduces the imagination for the uniqueness of its performers and its culture: a time, a story that evoke primordial scents where the flavors come together in a becoming of absolute emotions.

Efesto, God Forger, the shaky artist, in his cavernous laboratory is the God who creates beauty by working with the precious metals of the heart in the Volcano. He merges the shining gems hidden in the gorges, with fire, among the rocks, shadows and transparencies tempered with the flame of Metal. The artist God, imperfect, rejected by his mother Hera, reborns in a golden laboratory in the heart of the abysses.
Afrodite, the most beautiful among the goddesses, becomes his wife and the secret lover of the vigorous Ares.

When Efesto discovers the treachery of the two lovers, he forges a gold net in fine filigree to enclose his wife, Goddess Hera, and imprison the two bodies as marble sculptures.

Deformity and beauty, power and magic, the strength of the forge and the embroidery of gold are essences of a deep world that thin fingers let float in the body and mind.

In this way harmonies and aromas are the essences that Danhera collects to make them forever free and sublimate the fragrances before time can consume them.

The ancient tales are stories that donate to our present precious metaphors and the sublimating realities of Hephaestus are narrated from these fragrant gems too, created by love and knowledge, led to beauty and collected in a gold net.


Every piece of EFESTO JEWELS represents the creative idea of its origin and the artistic value from the master goldsmith. Great craftsmanship and infinite passion give each pice life and a spiritual soul at each step.


Hand set with with crystals from Swarovski®
Each single creation is a unique piece, without its double.
Limited Edition with Certificate of Authenticity, the result of the most precious artistic craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

Efesto Jewel is a registered design

EFESTO JEWELS collection is entrusted to selected locations around the world.
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Tel. +39 0734 900367


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