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This is the story of Debra, María, Ilaria, David, Kevin, BTS… but above all, this is your story. And it is no coincidence that IONIQ starts with “I”. The electric brand’s first-ever campaign makes us realize we can focus on what we love, while caring for others. Empowering all of us to say: I’m in charge.

Change is a big word we often associate with climate, peace, or politicians, forgetting that everything big once started on a smaller scale. Who can stop our impact on nature? Who can make the shift to green energy? Who can control time? Actually, it’s you. Given your opportunity to make changes, you can choose to move towards progress or turn the other way and regress.

You’re in charge. You can change the way we live together for the better – with IONIQ offering us a new way of moving, ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow, where individuals are at the center. More than taking us from A to B, the new electric line-up connects individuals with solutions that benefit the many.

Under the motto “I’m in charge”, the new IONIQ campaign is a wake-up call for us all to realize that everything we do affects others – and we have the power to do good. With a whole electric line-up, charging solutions and connectivity features that empower everyone to move in our own way – more sustainably.

IONIQ’s first campaign film brings together a charismatic cast ranging from “ordinary” people to renowned influencers.

The film starts in Kenya with influencer Lela Debra Asiko taking us to her beautiful country, leading the way to New-York-based fashion designer María Cornejo, who notably upcycled Hyundai car seats into a high-fashion collection, British explorer David de Rothschild, who is engaged in saving the oceans, to French choreographer and influencer Kevin Bago, as well as Global superstars BTS.

The worldwide campaign, launching in October, encourages everybody to take a moment to realize: “What if? What if we could?” Changing the world is a big task that IONIQ is not afraid to take on.

“I’m in charge” combines electric power with the power to lead the change.

‘I’m in charge’ speaks for Hyundai’s broader vision of a clean and sustainable mobility landscape.


The film also underlines IONIQ’s mission within the wider spectrum of Progress for Humanity, which is to enable modern customers to live by a lifestyle of their choice with products that reflect who they are, while making a positive impact on the planet.

IONIQ brings us all one step closer to the obsolescence of cars as we know them and the imminent rise of a whole electric ecosystem. Everything is about to become more connected and the boundaries between work and play will slowly fade away.

With the arrival of IONIQ 5 in early 2021, IONIQ 6 sedan in 2022, IONIQ 7 SUV in 2024 and new autonomous driving solutions, the dedicated electric line-up brand aims to give more time to the people by delivering truly personalized lifestyle experiences, where you get more control and decision power on how you want to live.