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Private jets are awesome. They get the well-heeled from place to place at altitudes that put them literally above the hoi polloi. Their interiors are so ultra-luxe, they come with fake fireplaces. But while airborne, you still know you’re inside a plane. A really fancy one, sure, but it doesn’t give one a sense of occasion, a more significant break from the way most of us get around.

If a concept from Daimler comes to fruition, though, that could all change.

Mercedes-Benz Style (Merc’s design consultancy for non-car projects) and Lufthansa Technik (Lufthansa’s aircraft services biz) have created a new concept for private jet interiors that eliminates the usual linear separation of ceiling, wall, and floor in favor of a “dynamic, spiral layout.”

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ph. Quantum Jets

With today’s fluctuating economic conditions, it must recognize the importance of finding a great deal on private travel while still maintaining the integrity of the aircraft and providing exemplary service.

Quantum Jets prides itself on this notion. They offer the largest network of aircraft available in today’s market, making pricing the best in the industry, and invite you to compare us to our competitors. At Quantum, they assure that every detail of your experience is flawless from start to finish.

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ph. Quantum Jets

Our vision is to revitalize a latent industry with a unique approach to private jet charter. As opposed to limiting our services to getting you from Point A to Point B, Quantum Jets strives to tailor every trip to your precise expectations. Our mission is to bring service back to the service industry.

No charter is ever the same, and no one understands this more than our executive team. The innovative approach is highlighted with the level of service our professionally trained associates bring to you. The  operations background has cultivated close ties to aircraft owners and various management companies, which presents Quantum Jets with the capability to deliver unparalleled pricing. Although we specialize in private aviation, we offer a wide range of concierge services. The network of prestigious partners, Quantum Jets will handle all of your travel needs.

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