Biomorphic window in Wien: Swarovski Store

Biomorphic was  the inspiration behind the five art spaces that have opened at the Swarovski Kristallwelten Store in Vienna, celebrating the performance of femininity and expressing the fascination to the countless changes within us.

Iris Van herpen beyond the magazine
Together with artists Valter Adam Casotto, Tristan Schoonraad and Martina Sandona, a larger-than-life woman’s head was created that sleeps and dreams in the window.

Here you see one of the five installations, exploring the phenomenon of lucid dreams and the fine line between reality and unreality.

Swarovski Beyond the Magazine

Dutch Fashion Designer Iris van Herpen is designing five art spaces for the SwarovskiKristallwelten Store in Wien, marking its ten years 

Swarovski Beyond the Magazine

Realized in collaboration with set designer and art director Rhea Thierstein, the installations use a wide variety of media to express the basic themes of movement and transformation. 

Each of the stages is an ode to the power of the infinite, to countless changes within us. They are a very personal expression of my fascination for dance, nature, and surrealism. – Iris van Herpen

Taking her inspiration for the work called “Biomorphism” from living organisms and patterns found in nature, Iris forms the hypnotic installations that are her very personal ode to the performance of femininity. 

“In my search for transformation and change, my classical ballet training was one of the most influential things in my life. During those years, I learned so much about the hypnotic, graceful transformations of each and every movement. Sometimes a garment is perfectly in tune with the body and the two dance together. Sometimes it is exactly the opposite, and the garment determines how the body moves. It is this disruption, this intuition that I wanted to focus on in this installation.” Iris  van Herpen.


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